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"Jessica exemplifies the ideal chess coach: intelligent, friendly, compassionate, patient, motivating. She communicates with children at their level and is able to manage their personalities well. She has excellent chess classroom management. Her one-on-one skills are phenomenal. She passes her love for chess through each child."

--Debbi O., Tucson, AZ, parent




"Jessica [Prescott, nee] Martin is sorely missed in Tucson for her love of chess and warm regard for her players. We still have a thriving 9queens (chess for girls and women) program in Tucson, but my female players miss her fun, inviting, intriguing and supportive approach to chess coaching." 

--Josh Leonard, Chess Coach for 17 years, Former Chess Expert




"Rohan is still playing chess & we believe he is doing pretty well. But we will give the credit to you. You gave him headstart to succed in chess, made it so enjoyable! You are the one who started the chess program at Harelson Elementary School which gave him chance to be your student... We believe because of you he went to his 1st Nationals. You kept him engaged in chess & made it so interesting that he started loving it. Thanks for all you did. We still talk about you when it comes to a chess coach."

--Namita & Manoj, parents




Praise for the book:



This book is an excellent way to introduce your child to chess. Prescott, a top-100 female chess player, teaches the basics of the game and includes fun activities to get kids hooked on a game that will provide years of stimulation and fulfillment.

-Jeff D., Manager, 57th Street Books





An original, creative approach towards teaching the most critical and fundamental chess concepts for kids. Honestly, it’s one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had for books geared towards that level in a long time. My kids also loved the pictures!

- Daniel Rensch, VP of Content & Professional Relations,





One of my favorite instructional books, Prescott takes a sophisticated, ancient game, and places it in the context of simple questions and personable writing. A fun, simple chapter a day, a week, or 

month, will have you making easy progress toward strategic, confident playing.

- Ruth Ann Daugherty Marotta, Freelance Writer, Teacher, & Mother



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