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First Tournament in Davidson Draws 28

March 14, 2015 was the first quad event held in Davidson by Over The Chessboard. We had to end registration at 28 because the Parks & Rec building was full! Kids played at least three games between 9-noon.

Kids played matches, and learned a few chess rules that are somewhat tricky:

en passant, castling, and of course checkmate. Even the "A" quad learned more about the four-move mate and how to stop it.

After several games, we took a break, but it was pouring rain so we couldn't go outside...instead we played games of Take Me and Bughouse.

Awards took place at 11:45 and the team trophy went to Davidson Elementary. 8 students won medals (tie for first in the A section) and everyone had a great time. Most children had never participated in a tournament before, so this was an important learning experience ("Every Master starts as a beginner." -Chernev.)

Thanks to everyone for participating!

Next event is Free Cone Day April 14 at Ben and Jerry's on Main from 5-6pm!

Pics up on FB!

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